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What Causes High Blood Pressure and How To Prevent It?

What Causes High Blood Pressure? 

While scientific community claims that the cause of high blood pressure is unknown. I personally think the cause of high blood pressure has three main factors, the hardening of the artery, thickening of the blood, increased constant stress on the central nerve system.

If one’s artery is hardened and blood is thick, the heart has to work extra hard, put extra pressure to push blood through the artery to provide the oxygen and nutrients the body needs for the normal body function.

Increased stress on the central nerve system can raise one’s blood pressure instantly. If one experienced constant stress in one’s life, one is very likely to develop high blood pressure.The artery is the blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood from the heart to other parts of the body. Hardening of the arteries is also called atherosclerosis. 

It is a disorder in which arteries become narrowed because fat is first deposited on the inside walls of the arteries, then becomes hardened by fibrous tissue and calcification. As this plaque grows, it narrows the space in the artery tubes. This will lead to reduced supply of both the oxygen and blood to the vital organs, such as heart, eyes, kidney, legs, gut, or the brain. The plaque may eventually severely block the artery, causing heart attack, congestive heart failure, abnormal cardiac rhythms, or stroke. 

While hardening of the artery, thickening of the blood, and increased stress on the central nerve system causes the increased blood pressure, high blood pressure can, in turn, expedite hardening of the artery, thickening of the blood, and irritability of central nerve system. This forms a vicious cycle that can make one’s health and well-being goes downhill very rapidly and put one’s life at an extremely high risk.

To ultimately “cure” high blood pressure, firstly one needs to “tenderize” the artery and make it more elastic. Secondly, one needs to “thinning” the blood and make blood flow more smoothly. Thirdly, one needs to calm one’s central nerve system.

While many drug medications address these causing factors of high blood pressure temporarily, they don’t heal the diseases. They also cause many other harmful side effects. The best options are to make lifestyle changes, such as do more exercises, stop smoking, breathe deeper and slower and eat healthier food. Sometimes a simple change can make a lasting difference in your life. For example, eating less unhealthy salt (un-natural chemical based) and eating more vinegar can help make your artery more flexible and elastic. It has been a longevity secret in China. 

Breathing deeper and slower is an ancient practice in India, China and other regions for health, longevity, and well-being.Taking the drug medication is one of the worse ways to get your blood pressure under control because ultimately it makes the situation worse.

They don’t heal you but only cover up the symptoms while doing all kinds of the damages to your body.The best option is to make the lifestyle changes, do more exercises, stop smoking, breathe deeper and slower and eat healthier food. 

There are many food and herbs can help you support your healthy artery, blood flow, and central nerve system, and of course your blood pressure. Garlic, onions, daikon and green leafy vegetables are great for artery, blood and heart health.Eating food with more vinegar and less salt is another good habit to have for better artery, blood, and heart health.

The ingredients in Holistrol such as holly leaf can help healthy artery, blood flow, as well calm nerve system. Hawthorn fruit is an excellent herb for reducing cholesterols, tenderizing your artery, improve your blood flow and heart functions. 

Pearl powder is also one of the best ways to reduce stress, calm your nerve system, as well as “tenderize” your artery and enhance blood flow. When you address the root cause of your high blood pressure, you can heal high blood pressure with the only good side effect. You don’t have to live on the drug medication for the rest of your life any longer.

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Pharm East: How to Prevent Skin from Aging?

Pharm East: How to Prevent Skin from Aging?: Ancient Beauty Secret and Modern Research Studies Provide Solution Dr. K Nelon at age 72 started to take crushed pearl powder intern...

Friday, March 4, 2016

How to Prevent Skin from Aging?

Ancient Beauty Secret and Modern Research Studies Provide Solution

Dr. K Nelon at age 72 started to take crushed pearl powder internally. She found that her wrinkles were disappearing. Both her skin texture and skin tone is refining. She said:” It has made my skin look like that of a younger woman. I love it.”

Personal coach and trainer, Snype M. in Minnesota noticed an overnight difference in the deep smile lines around his eyes, and his endurance during workouts has improved noticeably. He was very excited to share his secret of taking pearl powder internally to regain youthful appearance and energy with his clients that he trains at the gym.

According to the Center for Disease Control, the “over 65” population of America will double to 71 million - roughly one in five Americans – in just twenty years. One of the hurdles this community will have to deal with is increasingly “older” looking skin. While aging is an inevitable part of life, not everyone’s body ages in the same way. This rule is never truer than with skin. Living a healthy lifestyle, avoiding the sun, and not smoking are all good ways to slow down the skin aging process. However, scientists and pearl powder punters alike are discovering that pearl could also help with maintaining healthy, youthful skin.

            As we age, our bodies stop producing two of the most important components of healthy dermis: collagen and fibroblasts. Collagen is a protein that supports our skin cells. Fibroblasts are the “builder cells” or the specialized stem cells that build the connecting fibers holding our skin together. Both are responsible for the firm, healthy look we associate with youth.

However, when we age, both collagen and fibroblasts regenerate more slowly. The university of Michigan finds that people in their 80’s have four times more broken collagen than people in their 20’s. Collagen becomes fragmented, and fibroblasts collapse. The overall effect? Wrinkles and thinning. Dr. Voorhees, Chair of the Dermatology Department at the University of Michigan, informs us that this collagen and fibroblast breakdown is a “vicious cycle”. “You have to interrupt it, or aging skin is just going downhill,” he warns.

            Fortunately, nature has created something perfect to help us restore and replenish the fibroblasts and collagen lost and damaged by aging.

            French scientist Lopez E and his colleagues have found that pearl can enhance regeneration of fibroblasts and collagen. In their research studies, these scientists implanted pearl in the dermis of rats. They found that pearl stimulated the regeneration of fibroblast and enhanced the fibroblasts’ production of collagen and another extra-cellular matrix. They discovered that there are some special signal molecules or signal proteins that can send a message to stimulate this regeneration process.

This research scientifically confirms the traditional wisdom that pearl can increase skin regeneration, thus help improve skin tone and promote youthful looking skin.

Pearl is an ancient longevity and beauty secret. It is recorded in history books that both Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and Chinese Empress Wu Ze Tian took pearl powder internally and externally for beauty and youth.

In the past, only a few privileged people have access to crushed pearl powder for youth and beauty. With the development of modern technology, high quality crushed pearl becomes more affordable and available. Now, this amazing ancient longevity and beauty secret is helping thousands of people around the globe care for their aging skin from the inside and out.
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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Pearlcium Benefits

Pearl powder helps prevent the development of melanin, which causes freckles and dark patches. It can prevent the skin from becoming old looking, wrinkled and sagging.

     Radiant Youthful Soft Firm Skin
     New Skin Growth
     Collagen Regeneration
     Acne & Blemishes heal
     Skin Cell Aging & Deterioration prevented
     Fine Lines & Wrinkles & Sagging reduced
     Sun Damaged or Scarred Skin repaired
     Freckles, Dark Patches & Skin Discoloration reduced
     Large Pores minimized
     Elasticity increased


Pharm East: ABOUT PEARLCIUM: Pearlcium are produced in our own factory in China. We use pure pearls from unpolluted lake in south China. We use our own technolo...


Pearlcium are produced in our own factory in China. We use pure pearls from unpolluted lake in south China. We use our own technology to process pearl so that the nutrients in the pearl and also the pearl’s crystalline structure are not destroyed. Other pearl products are all made from the oyster shells; even they say that it is made of pearl. But our products are truly made of pure pearl. It is a very high quality and effective product. We produce all of our products in our own factory in China to make sure that the quality of our products are the guaranteed to be good because we can control where the herbs and pearl come from and we can control how to process them.

That is part of the reason why our products are so effective. Many people have been using our products for more than ten years.


Rulin Xiu, Ph.D

Founder and CEO of Pharm East, Inc.

PS. Pearlcium rejuvenates and maintains your youthful skin, bone, joint, eye sight, whiter and stronger teeth, better memory, better brain function and less stress, better mood, better sleep, and better heart, liver and kidney functions.
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Ibistrol relieves constipation, stomach pain, cramping, acid reflex, bloating, and gas, it also maintains healthy digestive function, releases toxins, and promotes healthy body weight and cholesterols, reduce blood clot and promote blood flow.

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